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Why Customer need Containerized generator sets?

-Rental Market: Big capacity generator sets are always better mounted with containerized canopies to meet customer's loading..

-Reduce noise level, capable to instead of "Plant Room In stallations".

-Protection From inclement wather and tough installation conditions.

-Moveable extend, save the cost of transportation.

- Moveable extend, save the cost of transportation.

Robust Container Design
- 20ft 40ft (HC also available) ISO footprint
- Container made from steel components with durable paint system
- Full bunded steel floor and steel louvres
- Rugged surface - excellent corrosion & rust protection
- Long service life

Security and safety
- Control panel viewing window in a lockable access door
- Emergency stop button mounted on canopy exterior
- Fuel fill and battery can only be reached via lock able access door
- Fire extinguisher
- Exhaust silencing system enclosed for operator safety(residential silencer included)
- Excellent cooling system to avoid high water temp, reliable operation under harshest conditions(Ambient temperatures up to 40-50℃ and altitudes up to 1000m

 Excellent Access for Maintenance
- Separate & Standing control cabinet at side
- Walk around interior with access doors
- Fully bounded steel floor
- Anti-explosive light bulb

- ISO shipping dimensioned container
- Lifting capability

- Please consult our sales department for actual dimension & weight and ship fright cost.

Noice Level(Reduce Sound and Vibration)
- ≤85-88dBA at 1m

- Floor Standing Mccb/ACB(>1250Amp) Interior separate fuel tank volume(100Litres-2000Liters, all depends.)
- Exterior separate fuel tank volume(No limitation, shipped by separate container.)
- Sockets
- Automatic fuel fill-in &cut off system
- Available for an extensive generator power range<800kVA(Read from Parsian Diesel Power other relvaant spec.)


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