Extreme Cold Area


Industry characteristics:
Parsian diesel Power have vast experience of providing power solutions for extreme cold area projects that allows the generator to deliver the best performance. The cold weather package keeps the generator operating at peak performace all year round even under severe cold and low temperature. The cold weather package will include:
    * Automatic louver system
    * Electronic Governor
    * Jacket water heater
    * Lube level maintainer with low oil shut down
    * Low Coolant shut down
    * Block heater
In order to save time for fuel delivery and daily refueling, the generator unit can be equipped with large external fuel tank which can provide long hour running depending on the specification that is needed. Because of the sound attenuated enclosure, the sound level can significantly be reduced, adding to their versatility. With our warranty policy of one year or 1000 operating hours, it brings even more solid confidence to the end users as it can promise a reliable aftersales service.