Black Start

Industry characteristics:
For certain power plant projects, diesel generators can be used to black start main generation following a system failure or to allow key industrial and commercial customers to continue operation following a supply outage. Such generator sets have particularly arduous service requirements and can be inappropriately rated. Oversizing results in unnecessary cost, while undersizing will usually not enable the required performance. parsian diesel Power is always ready to provide the technological know how and its solution to those who might require the black start capability.


Product Requirements

The choice of an appropriately sized and rated black start diesel generator set should be made after consideration of the transitory and steady state performance of the mechanical, electrical and control characteristics of the engine, generator and load, and how they all interact. The unusual transitory load requirements usually turn out to be the most troublesome to deal with.


Black start diesel generator sets should be commissioned and periodically tested using an actual black start situation to confirm the mechanical, electrical and control equipment integrity. Test starting diesel engines periodically and running them unloaded for short periods will not guarantee that they will function correctly at full load when required. Consistently operating unloaded will damage the engines by causing the cylinder bores to become glazed and injectors clogged. A convenient way of fully loading the engines for testing purposes, without actually doing a black start, is to synchronise them to the system and generate full rated electrical output into the system. This of course requires synchronising equipment for the generator, and is usually not provided. The small extra cost of providing synchronising equipment should be more than compensated for by increased reliability of the engine and black start power.


Adopt world-famous engines and alternators with high reliability;
Prime generating sets can work continuously on load for 500 hours, withnon-fault time averaging at 2000-3000 hours, and fault restoration time averaging at 0.5 hour;
Intelligentmonitoring, parallel and grid-connected technology realize the generating set power the most perfect black start seamless connection with city electricity.
Advanced weather dust and sand proof design, marvelous spray coating technologyand excellent taken able generating sets to adapt to extremely hostile environment such as ultra-high and low temperature, high salt content and high humidity.
Tailored product designs and material selection can meet the requirements of various industries and fields.